I believe we shape our reality. A plate on a table is a beginning of a dinner.

A ceremonial bowl is an opening to a Dining Ritual.


Hi, my name is Elizaveta. I spend my days shaping ceremonial bowls for daily rituals.


Since 5 years I’m traveling the world from mountains to deserts researching archaic pottery and experiencing it. Some of my best life choices were visiting and assisting traditional potters in Moroccan Desert, Mountains of Thailand, Georgian riverbanks and Russian Porcelain Fabrique. Through all those journeys I felt this craft as a connection between soil, water, air and fire, which was known to our tribes since centuries.


Countless time, minerals, wood ashes, fingerprints and heat goes into the clay before it becomes a ceremonial bowl. This process of becoming takes several weeks of work, stillness, being and fire.


It is my pleasure and my honour to be at service creating these vessels for you. 

brsg Keramik is a ceramic design laboratory based in Berlin. We are obsessed with careful and thoughtful crafting of functional objects. The main focus of our work lies in expansion of visual, functional and contextual perception of ceramics.


We balance between centuries-old medium, contemporary design, functionality and meaningful concepts. Whether we work on in-house projects or commissions for clients, these four elements always remain essential. As long as that is in place, we don´t limit ourselves to any particular
outcome – tableware/ jewelry piece/ sculpture/ … – it could be really anything.


brsg Keramik is a team of Five wonderful human beings. ‘Team Page’ is currently under construction.