Pigment Harvesting Intensive


We are inviting you to a session of preparing your own natural glaze out of wild-harvested materials. You will be guided through this process following the simplicity of ancient recipes and listening to the essence of harvested pigments. 

You will go through all the steps of the process - from harvesting materials in the wild to preparing them afterwards & learning how to integrate them into your work.
The workshop will be held personally by our studio founder, Elizaveta Barsega. Working with wild-harvested materials has been integral to her artistic practice for years. 
"It makes a world of a difference how your components were harvested, how you respect and give gratitude to the land that shares itself with you. It affects your work greatly, giving it a whole different meaning and feeling" - Elizaveta Barsega.

    - identify and harvest usable components in the wild
    - test usability of collected components
    - ancient recipes of working with wild clays, pigments and minerals 
    - analyze individual properties and possible combinations of harvested components
    - translate natural components into glazes

    Suited for :

    Mixed level participants.

    Not Prior knowledge is required.



     About your host: 

    Elizaveta Barsega started her artistic journey as a travelling researcher of archaic pottery techniques. She holds a degree in fine and applied arts and conducted apprentice work with several traditional potters and research trips to the Mountains of Thailand, Moroccan Desert and Riff Region, and Georgian riverbanks. Traditional recipes of reworking natural pigments and minerals into ceramic pieces laid the foundation for her visual art practice. During these years she welcomed over 800 students in diverse workshops and masterclasses she was offering in Germany, France and Spain. Apart from her personal artistic work, since two years she serves as a founder and creative director of Barsega Studio Gallery - Berlin based studio that explores ceremonial approaches to ceramics and natural pigments.




    Barsega Studio & Gallery (Andreastrasse 49, 10243 Berlin)

    360 euro (inc. material & firing costs)

    Clay for 2 Ticket: 580 euro   (inc. material & firing costs) - A special offer for pairs.

    *Please note our cancellation policy before booking the workshop.



    22 August // 18:00-21:00 - introduction lecture, theory and practice of working with wild harvested materials.
    23 August // 12:00-17:00 - a day of harvesting in the wild.
    24 August // 12:00-17:00 inc. 1h break - material processing, testing & glaze composition.
    A total of 13 hours of learning time with clay and natural glaze in the context of local resources.