Water on Sand

Water on Sand is our debut jewelry collection. It is a line of ceramic necklaces, which is inspired by the sensation of sea waves covering the sandy shore. Conceptually, it is aiming to preserve the moment of inner peace and self-acceptance, when warm clear blue water gently touches the feet.


The natural motion and power of the deep ocean water feels appropriated by human body and sole in the safety of stepping feet into mild shore waves. This moment of correlation to something eternal and limitless combined with complete safety is one of those brief moments of relief, which we rarely get a chance to experience in our rushing and loaded everyday life. This moment of relief is fleeting. “Water on Sand” aims to visualize this moment and express it in something tangible, which aims to make it last. It aims to give our inner universes a point of reference, a kind of amulet, which would remind us to feel the sensation of sea floating over the sand whenever we lose connection to our inner calmness, connection to our inner self.


Each of the necklaces is hand crafter and therefore has a unique pattern of glazes, just like each wave creates a unique pattern on the sand, just like each moment of our interaction with he ocean is individual and unrepeatable. The crafting process reflects the complexity of this moment. Each necklace is handcrafted uniquely and is unrepeatable in the exact shape and color it has. In order to create it, we put clay through a 3-week process of refinement, which includes shaping, drying, rough firing, multiple glazing, second firing and polishing. The glaze application is furthermore unique as it consists of two stages. First – Deeping the necklace into the “sand glaze”. And second – splashing the “sea blue” over it with a brush.