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Morning Ritual Matcha Bowl

This bowl is co-created by Elizaveta Barsegova and Lisa Müller, the founder of LM matcha. Over a year of experiments and testings, made this bowl come to life. Each bowl is hand-crafted in the shape, weight and color serving the purpose to bring a feeling of presence and awareness in the moment of your morning ritual. It is created with an intention to assist and accompany you on your personal journey of growth and daily self love. From our minds and hearts to yours.

To seal this intention, the bottom of each bowl is fired with a ring of powdered jemstone Dolomite. This is the light white hue you will notice.  


Stoneware bowl. Created specifically for Matcha ceremonies.

Each piece is created individually, 100% by hand in a crafting process of around 3 weeks. Therefore each bowl will look slightly different, have its individual character, shape and colour shade.

Dish-washes safe.

size 11-12 cm x 7-8 cm

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Out of stock