Pottery Workshops in Berlin

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We are on a mission to establish the first Ceramic Design School in Europe. Join us. It is an amazing journey.

If you would like to be informed about upcoming workshops and courses, feel very welcome to drop a line at info@brsg-keramik.com. So you would always be the first to know when new formats, topics and dates come up.

Ceramic Design Course – Mixed Level

Our Ceramic Design Course is created to boost your personal creative flow and assist you through solving production mysteries.

In a small group of 6 people you will have all the time, space and focus to enjoy your personal ceramic journey. We will make sure to assist and develop the exact skills that you are interested in.

It works like this : you bring your sketches/ ideas/ dreams, we find a way to provide you with all the knowledge and tools you need to bring it to life. If you run out of learning inspiration, no worries about that, we’ve got plenty more to give.

Here is some (but not all) that you could try within the sessions:

Creating glazes out of Wood Ash and other natural materials, Painting on ceramics with professional underglaze colors, Gabelen, Sculptural work, Gzshel (traditional Russian Cobalt painting technique), Kintsugi, etc. etc. etc.

Date & Time

Every Friday 19.00 – 22.00


240 euro/ month+ 20 euro material costs


180 euro/ month – for tickets purchased till end of August.

To celebrate the Summer time, we have a special deal, which gives you access to membership price without signing up for 3-month-commitment. Just use a promo code “brsglovessummer” when purchasing a regular ticket.

Current course runs through the year every Friday. You can start your enrollment any week of the month & the ticket would last for 4 following sessions.

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Upcoming 1 or 2 Day Pottery Courses

Dates & Details

Suited for
Complete beginners – no prior experience required


50  (1 Day) – 95 (2 Days)
(extra 10 € for material costs)

Student Price 70 Euro (2 Days)
(extra 10 € for material costs)

Upcoming dates will be launched soon!


It is a 2-DAY Workshop, yet you can decide to book only one of the days and go through only part of the learning process with us. In case you only book DAY 1, your creation will be fired and glazed transparent for you.

DAY 1 / 7 to 9:30 pm / HAND-BUILDING
In the current session you will learn tips and tricks about creating irregular shapes with clay. It will be all about hand-building, so no throwing wheel involved. We will start with a 40 min lecture introducing you to different types of clay, different stages of drying and firing, ways of preparing it and ways of shaping it into a final piece. Then we will get right into practice and get your hands dirty. Each participant will get a chance to create his/her own little vase, shaped according to his or her personal master plan.

DAY 2 / 7 to 9:30 pm / GLAZING
The current session is fully devoted to bringing colour into your ceramic object. There are several colouring techniques in pottery, but in the current session we will fully focus on glazing – covering your object with a combination of chemical elements that turn into glass-like plating after firing. We will start with a 40 min lecture, introducing you to the different techniques and possibilities of glazing. Once all the basic rules are shared, you will get down to glazing your vase according to your desired plan, under an attentive eye of your instructor.

Workshop Holder
Elizaveta Barsegova, founder & creative director at brsg KERAMIK


Wood Ash Glazes & Co.

Dates & Details

Suited for
The workshop is accessible for absolute beginners, but some prior knowledge of glazing is highly recommended. If you have never glazed ceramics or have very little experience with it, we highly recommend you to take an Introduction to Glazing workshop before joining this class.



27 Okt – 12 to 16:30 pm
(between 13.30 – 15.00 we will have a lunch break)

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Traditionally ceramic objects were created & glazed with only natural components : wood ashes, minerals, mud. But as industry came along, traditions got lost and replaced with color-efficient chemicals. We invite you to rediscover diverse pallet of colors and materials that nature has to offer.

Within this workshop you will:

–  learn the essential basics of glaze mixing theor
–  get to know where and how to find natural glazing components
–  learn how to test your glazes (what to test & how to test)
–  mix your own glaze out of natural components & create a test for it
–  get a list of natural glaze recipes to take with you In other words, you will get fully          equipped to go into the wild and make your own astonishing discoveries.

Workshop holder
Elizaveta Barsegova, founder & creative director at brsg Keramik

Current workshop is based on Elizaveta’s personal research on natural glazes, conducted during her 3 month residency in a local pottery in Chiang Mai.

12:00-16:30 (from 13:30-15:00 we will have a lunch break)

Depending on the number of participants location of the current workshop might vary. Yet it will remain within 15 min reach from Alexanderplz, Berlin. Exact location will be sent out via email to each registrars participant one week prior to the event.

Other Dates & Ceramic Sessions

Open Studio Time


Time, Space, Equipment and Material of a professional Ceramic Atelier – all at your disposal for personal projects. Open Studio time is only availiable for graduates of Ceramic Design Courses. Studio time should be booked in advance, so just drop us a line at info@brsg-keramik.com

(Price: 10€/ h inc. 0.5 kg of clay)

Prefer a private course?


We would be glad to provide personal attention to you projects, ceramic challenges or simply fields of curiosity during private sessions. To schedule a date, please drop us a line at info@brsg-keramik.com.

(Price: 25 € per hour all materials included)

brsg Keramik Gift Card

Want to delight your nearest and dearest ones? Surprise them with a brsg Keramik gift card. You choose which joy you will pass on. This can be any brsg Ceramic Design School workshop or course that will be held in 2018. Interested? Drop us a line at info@brsg-keramik.com