Pottery Workshops in Berlin

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1 or 2 Day Pottery Workshop

Dates & Details

Suited for
Complete beginners – no prior experience required



Basement Berlin Artspace (Harzer Str. 39, 12059 Berlin)

60  (1 Day) – 105 (2 Days)
(inc. material & firing costs)

Student Price 85 (2 Days)
(inc. material & firing costs)

Aug. 6 & Aug. 19 //6.30-9 pm <1 PLACE LEFT>

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Aug. 12 & Aug. 26 //6.30-9 pm <3 PLACES LEFT>

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Aug. 20 & Aug. 27 //6.30-9 pm

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We are also offering private workshops for 5-35 people. Contact us for more details at info@brsg-keramik.com

Join us for this 2-Day experience, learning the craft of ceramics from a professional potter in a beautiful garden.


Due to the current situation, Summer 2020 workshops will be held outside of our pottery studio. Instead, we will welcome you in a beautiful hidden garden among trees & birds.

If it happens to rain, we will proceed with the session at Basement Berlin Arts & Crafts space, which is located in the same garden.


It is a 2-DAY Workshop, yet you can decide to book only one of the days and go through only part of the learning process with us. In case you only book DAY 1, your creation will be fired and glazed transparent for you.


It will be all about hand-building, so no throwing wheel involved. We will start with a 40 min lecture introducing you to different types of clay, different stages of drying and firing, ways of preparing it and ways of shaping it into a final piece. Then we will get right into practice and get your hands dirty. Each participant will get a chance to create his/her own ceramic object shaped according to his or her personal master plan.

DAY 2 / 2.5 h/ GLAZING

This session is fully devoted to bringing colour into your ceramic object. There are several colouring techniques in pottery, but in the current session we will fully focus on glazing – covering your object with a combination of chemical elements that turn into glass-like plating after firing. We will start with a 40 min lecture, introducing you to the different techniques and possibilities of glazing. Once all the basic rules are shared, you will get down to glazing your ceramic object according to your desired plan, under an attentive eye of your instructor.

Workshop Holder

Elizaveta Barsegova, potter at brsg KERAMIK

Co-founder & Creative Director at Pottery Tribe

brsg Keramik Gift Card

Want to delight your nearest and dearest ones? Surprise them with a brsg Keramik gift card. The card will be valid for any workshop held within upcoming 6 months. Interested? Drop us a line at info@brsg-keramik.com