Material research is our religion. 

We pray with plant ashes, diverse types of rocks, gemstones, lava sands and mud.

Barsega Studio was born as a result of 6 years of research work and artistic practice of mixed media artist Elizaveta Barsega. The core questions of her work are: how did ceramic craft look before industry intervened? How can we create a new future for it with respect to our ancient roots?

Elizaveta gathered insights into the past in every way possible: extensive literature review, apprentice work with traditional potters and research trips. Some of her solo travels included: Moroccan Desert and Riff Region, Mountains of Thailand and Georgian riverbanks.

After collaborating with several Berlin-based studios and running her ceramic brand brsg Keramik, in summer 2022 Elizaveta and her team settled in a new space and gave birth to Barsega Studio Gallery.

Now here we are.

The core focus of our studio lays in embodying the most sustainable, mindful and respectful ways to work with ceramics. Non-toxic natural materials and ancient techniques combined with curiosity and love for exploration. 

Walking the land of unknown is what inspires us. This is what we practice and teach.