Ceramic Sculpture Course


With this course we would like to offer you the chance to explore the world of ceramic sculpture. 

Within this summer intensive course you would:

  • Get to know clay as a creative material for working with sculpture.
  • Create your own sculpture piece over the course of the classes.
  • Get an overview of diverse creative possibilities in the field of ceramic sculpture.
  • Get acquainted with different techniques and visual directions.
  • Learn all the major clay sculpture techniques in an intuitive hands-on way.
  • Get an introduction to working with Natural Glazing techniques and components.

Stepping beyond the topic of ceramic sculpture, this course will offer an opportunity to get in touch with using natural materials for glazing your sculptural pieces. The mentor of the course - studio founder - Elizaveta Barsega has a background of 8 years of research and experimental work in the field. 

Alternatively, you would be welcome to keep your pieces unglazed with the raw clay color.

This Course is a brilliant opportunity if you are traveling to Berlin this summer and would like your educational clay experience to happen within one week.

Structure of the course

Session 1: Sculpture, General Introduction. 

Session 2: Main handbuilding techniques for ceramic Sculpture. 

Session 3: Free flow of creating sculptural pieces (with a supervision of the Instructor).

Session 4: Natural Glazing : introduction to working with natural materials for glazing sculptural work.

Session 5: Glazing your ceramic Sculptures and finalizing sculptural work.

The core focus of this course is “learning while creating”. Each participant will be invited to work on their personal ceramic sculpture project while learning handbuilding techniques and specifications of the material along the way. 

You are welcome to arrive at the course with sketches of your ceramic sculptures or with an open mind to follow the intention of your hands on the spot. 

Suited for :

Mixed level participants.

Prior knowledge of working with clay and sculptural work is very welcome but not required. 


Your sculptural pieces would need to dry and get fired after the course. Therefore they will be ready in about 6 weeks. You can pick them up if you are not in Berlin and no one can pick them up, we can ship it to you for an additional fee. 



Your teacher:

You will have a unique opportunity to dive into sculpture making with the founder of our studio Elizaveta Barsega.



Barsega Studio & Gallery (Andreastrasse 49, 10243 Berlin)

320 euro (inc. material & firing costs)

Clay for 2 Ticket: 580 euro   (inc. material & firing costs) - A special offer for pairs.

*Please note our cancellation policy before booking the workshop.



A total of 14 hours of learning time with clay and natural glaze in the context of sculpture.

August 26 // 6-8:30pm

August 27 // 6-8:30pm

August 28 // 6-8:30pm

August 29 // 5-9pm

August 30 // 6-8:30pm