Clay Journey


Clay Journey is an experience that lands at the intersection of a music concert, a ceramic workshop and a spiritual gathering.

You are warmly invited to delve into the sacred language of clay and sound. Originating from the very heart of the Earth, clay embodies a serene beauty that resonates with those who embrace it. 

Amidst the noise of the world, clay offers a sanctuary to purify intentions and find inner calm. Join Berlin Artist Elizaveta Barrsega in an exploration of the alchemy and essence of this ancient material, tracing its roots back to eternity. 


Performing Artists:



Elizaveta Barsega

Guiding the journey, voice

Elizaveta Barsega's artistic journey began as a traveling researcher of archaic pottery techniques. Armed with a degree in fine and applied arts, she immersed herself in apprentice work with traditional potters and embarked on research expeditions to diverse locales including the Mountains of Thailand, the Moroccan Desert, and the Georgian riverbanks. These journeys unearthed traditional recipes for reworking natural pigments and minerals into ceramic pieces, laying the foundation for her visual art practice. Her extensive research illuminated diverse facets of the craft, deeply connected to ancient practices and an intimate relationship with the Earth, culminating in what she terms "embodied spirituality".

Music, painting, and poetry have always been integral to Elizaveta's life, interweaving seamlessly with her visual work in what she describes as "clay and other ways to pray". Collaborating with musicians and producers as a poet and singer, she has delved into the rich intersection of blues, jazz, and folk sounds. In her recent project, "Clay Journey", Elizaveta explores the interplay between sound and tactile touch, inviting participants on an immersive journey through sensory experience.




Adam Harzuf

diverse music instruments, sound environment installation 

With a unique collection of instruments, Adam's vision is to grant a rich, cross-cultural musical experience, anywhere between meditative soundscapes, shamanic percussion, trance-like didgeridoo grooves, and deep, funky basslines. Adam is a multi-instrumentalist, combining bass guitar, percussion, didgeridoo, singing bowls, and other instruments from the East and Far East, who received both classical Western and classical Indian musical education. He participated in and initiated many music projects, including projects with a social/educational focus, and has a rich performance experience. "My great passion is to feel present and connected when I explore new spaces of improvisation with other musicians. To find the balance between active intention and letting go. To listen, find and channel the truthful voice of this moment. I love the excitement of the unknown and the magic to be discovered."




Barsega Studio Gallery,

Andreasstraße 49, 10243 Berlin



August 4th //  7 - 9 pm

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September 2nd // 7 - 9 pm

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October 2nd // 7 - 9 pm

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35 € - Early Birds 

45 € - General Admission


We kindly ask you come dressed in white/ pastel colors for the Event.