Studio Membership


Membership at Barsega Studio & Gallery is a brilliant opportunity to dive deep into the world of ceramics, develop your independent work, have a place to fire your creations and be connected to a community of like-minded artists and designers.



Access to Membership opportunity is only available for graduates of Ceramic Design Course or people with comparable experience. This is important to ensure that we all share a common language and sufficient knowledge of the craft. If you haven’t graduated our Ceramic Design Course, please tell us a bit about your practice and ceramic experience via email prior to booking (



  • Once a month you get 2kg of clay from us (you can pick it up at the studio any Friday 17:30-18:30)
  • You work with it independently from home
  • Once a month we welcome you for the Clay Salon - a 3h event where you get to:

/meet & greet other creatives working with medium of ceramics from their homes, art studios and creative spaces

/hear an Artist Talk - from invited guest artists & designers

/glaze your work all together 

For each Clay Salon Elizaveta Barsega will mix one single natural glaze from diverse minerals, plant ashes and lava sands. Each month it could be a different shade, but only one color per event. HERE you can see the diversity of colours that come out of Elizavetas natural glaze research to envision what it could be.

/learn ancient ways of glazing 

At Clay Salon we will introduce you to Raw Glazing. It is an ancient technique of applying glaze onto ceramic pieces without prior bisque firing, which was introduced with industrialisation simply because factory workers were not skilled enough to handle the traditional technique.

/start the fire 

Load the kiln all together and let the fire do its magic!



60 euro/ month

2 kg clay + firing + glaze + Clay Salon Event included

Membership: Ceramic Weekly Sessions is a membership-based opportunity. 

You can cancel at any point. You would just need to send us an email at at least 1 month in advance.




If you wish, you can get following extras:

2 kg of clay - 25 euro (inc. firing & glazing costs)

Tool Kit - 35 euro (all the basic tools you need for working with clay)


Upcoming Clay Salon Events :

24 November 7-10 pm

16 December 7-10 pm


If you can not come during some of the months, you are welcome to pick up your clay, keep on crafting and bring all the pieces to the next available event.




All the glazes & painting materials at Barsega Studio are created and prepared by us in our studio out of forest stones, powdered minerals and natural pigments. We  believe in Ceramics as a medium to connect with the Earth itself, our roots, origins and the essence of our existence. 

These sessions are aiming to build a small artistic community within the studio, that shares the passion for organic shapes, natural materials and traditional techniques.