Weekly Ceramic Sessions

We open our beautiful studio for you to craft and work on your clay ideas independently*. Find your peaceful clay heaven in Berlin. Focus on specific projects, come with an open mind and flow with clay, improve your pottery skills by having time to practice.

All materials and tools for hand-building are at your full disposal. We have three spacious shared tables, various crafting tools including modeling and carving tools, slab rollers & sticks, aprons and a range of glazes. Our space is airy and beautiful, filled with creative energy that is going to inspire you on the way.



We are currently working on switching entire studio operations to

  • home-made glazes and sustainable natural pigments (harvested by us in the forest)
  • ancient practice of single firing (also called "raw firing" as it allows you to glaze your objects raw)

Therewith sometime in Spring all the participants will be offered a beautiful pastel colour palette proposed by locally sourced materials and introduced to raw glazing technique.

Weekly Sessions
Tuesdays 19:00-21:30


All the tools and materials used during the sessions are included.  

80 euro/ month** (in case of yearly membership subscription/ valid for 1 year from the date of subscription)

120 euro/ month** (in case of monthly membership subscription/ cancel anytime)


Weekly Sessions start in Mid March 2024. Spaces are limited to a group of max 10 members. 


BOOK YOUR PLACE via email at hello@barsega-studio.com


*In order to join weekly classes you should be relatively confident in working with clay. You are very welcome to become a member if you have graduated Ceramic Design Course or have comparable knowledge of how to hand-build with clay. There will be a person from our team to help you orient around yet it’s a self-guided time for you to work on your own.


**Fee is calculated per month. The payment is due on the 15th of each starting month and valid only for that month. Transitions of unattended sessions from one month to another are not possible