Pottery Workshops in Berlin

You would love to attend a Pottery Workshop, Ceramic Design Course or a Clay Class in person in Berlin? You are in safe hands! We are a team of potters and ceramic artists, ready to welcome you for Pottery Workshops  in Berlin Friedrichshain.



1 or 2 Day Pottery Workshop

Join us for this 2-Day experience, learning the craft of ceramics.

It is a 2-DAY Workshop, yet you can decide to book only one of the days and go through only part of the learning process with us. In case you only book DAY 1, your creation will be fired and glazed with white-beige color for you.




Ceramic Design Course

Learn practical and theoretical principals of ceramics with us in a fun hands-on way.

Our Ceramic Design Course will give you a solid introduction to all the core ceramic techniques and materials. Plus tremendous amount of fun working with clay. Learn an ancient craft while discovering ways to integrate it into contemporary design fields, which could be anything from jewellery to tableware, interior objects and art pieces.




Natural Glazing Masterclass 

Traditionally ceramic objects were created & glazed with only natural components: wood ashes, rocks rich in minerals, mud & Co. We invite you to rediscover diverse pallet of colors and materials that nature has to offer.





 Your Workshop Holders




Elizaveta Barsega is a potter, a teacher, poet, ritualistic wonderer, traveler, and co-founder of Pottery Tribe. In the spin of the past 6 years, she has welcomed over 500 students in her pottery classes in person as well as online. Seeing how people felt touching clay, she realized that pottery is one of the most grateful ways to get grounded, feel human, calm and present.




Blanca Lecube has been working with pottery for over 4 years. She started as a production assistant at Brsg Keramik (former Barsega Studio Gallery) and recently moved on to running her own pottery label Blancuras. She is the best mentor to introduce you to the craft and spark the curiosity that evolved so far in her own practice over the past years.




Viviane Tabach founded ceramic brand Lebü in 2014 and ran her own workshop and art space in São Paolo, Brasil. As a ceramics teacher with many years of experience, in her classes she seeks to collectively investigate the experience of hand-building with clay. The contact with clay for her is as a way to connect with nature, negotiation between intention and intuition in shaping, observation of the contrast between our rhythm and the clay's pace.






Sam is a product designer and artist who works with clay in both an adventurous and practical way. She believes in touch, play and experimentation not only as a design process, but also as a philosophy for life.




Join our Pottery Classes in Berlin: Explore Pottery Workshops for Beginners!

Looking for accessible pottery classes in Berlin? Look no further! We try to offer more affordable pottery workshop options with the reduced price ticket that you can choose to purchase. 

Dive into the vibrant world of ceramics with our engaging pottery workshops. Whether you're seeking a pottery course, ceramic class, or beginner pottery class in Berlin, we've got you covered. 

Discover the best pottery workshop Berlin has to offer, where you'll unleash your creativity in a supportive environment. Our pottery studio in Berlin provides a range of options, including cheap pottery classes options, once in a while free pottery workshop experiences and 1-Day Pottery Workshops or 2-Day Pottery Workshops.

Join our English-friendly pottery classes in Berlin and embark on a journey of artistic discovery. From pottery painting to mastering pottery techniques, our experienced instructors will guide you every step of the way.

Explore the Berlin pottery scene and unleash your inner artist today! Check out our pottery class Berlin price options and reserve your spot in our next pottery workshop. Don't miss out on this opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich tradition of pottery in Berlin!

What will you be making in a pottery workshop with us in Berlin?

Feel welcome to bring your ideas or just let the clay flow guide your hands into shapes on the spot. 

Curious about what you'll learn in our pottery course in Berlin? Here are some highlights:

  • Delve into fascinating facts about clay, its unique characteristics and its ancient history.

  • Receive an introduction to working with clay, including essential tips and considerations. Learn about the options of painting pottery pieces.

  • Learn the art of shaping clay by hand using appropriate tools.

  • Get guidance on various methods to build and carve your pottery piece as well as painting pottery techniques.

  • Incorporate handles and ornaments to your pottery piece. 

  • Gain insights into the different types of clay and their distinct properties.

  • Discover the possibilities of painting pottery.

  • Understand the key factors to consider when firing your pottery to achieve desired results.

Embark on a creative journey and enrich your pottery skills with our fun hands-on course in Berlin!