Summer Events 2024

This Summer 2024, we are excited to present an array of distinctive events centered around clay. Join us for a variety of engaging activities and workshops that celebrate the art and craft of ceramics.



Clay Journey 

Clay Journey is an experience that lands at the intersection of a music concert, a ceramic workshop and a spiritual gathering. Every New Moon, you are warmly invited to delve into the sacred language of clay and sound. (June 6, August 4, September 2, October 2, 2024)



Pigment Harvesting Intensive

Learn how to prepare your own natural glaze out of wild-harvested materials. You will be guided through this process following the simplicity of ancient recipes and listening to the essence of harvested pigments during three sessions, one of them into the wild. (End of August 2024)






Ceramic Sculpture Course

Stepping beyond the topic of ceramic sculpture, this course will offer an opportunity to get in touch with using natural materials for glazing your sculptural pieces with studio founder - Elizaveta Barsega. A brilliant opportunity if you are traveling to Berlin this summer and would like your educational clay experience to happen within one week. (End of August 2024)