Ceramic Weekly Sessions (Membership)

Sessions will begin from June on!

Ceramic Weekly Sessions at Barsega Studio & Gallery is a brilliant opportunity to dive deep into the world of pottery & ceramics, develop your skills, get advice from experienced mentors and work alongside like-minded people.

If you'd like to spend time with clay weekly in a beautiful studio, this is for you. The focus of Barsega Studio & its mentors is on the endless creative opportunities of Hand-Building, no throwing wheels will be available or required.

At your disposal will be all the materials, tools and equipment that a professional ceramic atelier has to offer. We provide several types of clays and glazes carefully curated by our studio. Plus, on most of the sessions a professional ceramist will be jamming with you in case you will need any help or advice with your ceramic project.

You will have a designated place to keep your work-in-progress in-between the sessions. Tool & any extra materials that you bring with you would have to go home with you. <3

To join these sessions you should have basic prior experience with ceramics. If you don't, please, attend our 2 Day Workshop.




All the glazes & painting materials at Barsega Studio are created and prepared by us in our studio out of forest stones, powdered minerals and natural pigments. We  believe in Ceramics as a medium to connect with the Earth itself, our roots, origins and the essence of our existence. This is why in our classes we offer several gems of clay & glaze alchemy vs a big variety of Industrial Materials. 

These sessions are aiming to build a small artistic community within the studio, that shares the passion for organic shapes, natural materials and traditional techniques. 



2 sessions of Studio Time per week are available. You are welcome to attend some or all of the sessions. Up to 1 missed sessions per month can be moved to the next month. If you miss more sessions, you are welcome to take clay home from the studio and bring new creations back for firing. 


Tuesdays 6pm-9pm

Wednesdays 11am-2pm



160 euro/ month inc. VAT - 4 session x month (you can sign up for Tuesday or Wednesday sessions)

200 euro/ month inc. VAT - 8 sessions x month (Tuesday + Wednesday weekly)

No extra material costs. Several types of Clay & Glazes will be provided. 

Firing (inc. bisque and glaze firing): 10 euro/ KG


Membership: Ceramic Weekly Sessions is a membership-based opportunity. 

You can cancel at any point. You would just need to send us an email at info@brsg-keramik.com at least 1 month in advance. 



WEEKLY SESSIONS Tuesdays 6-9pm


WEEKLY SESSIONS Wednesdays 11-2pm


WEEKLY SESSIONS Tuesdays 6-9pm & Wednesdays 11-2pm